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Superstar Pastrňák. In the NHL he flashed hat-trick, added three assists

Pastrnak equaled the Czech record in the play off held by Patrik Elias on April 22, 2006. Třebíč’s native scored six points behind two goals and four assists in winning New Jersey 6: 1 over the New York Rangers.

In the basic part, Jaromír Jágra, who twice collected seven points, is the Czech maximum. Three goals and four goals scored in Pittsburgh (Win 9: 3 over New York Islanders) and Washington (12: 2 win over Florida).

Toronto goal after his pass Kevan Miller, knocking from the corner of the ice rink knocked into his own network Nikita Zajcev. He then added the fourth hit by Rick Nash, who arrived at the Pastrňák miss.

In co-operation with his compatriot scored also David Krejčí.The experienced assailant, who won the NHL’s first play for the first time in Canada seven years ago, captured an inaccurate pass on the red line. The tailor immediately launched a rapid counterattack, at the end of which he ran pastrňák’s shot from the left circle and increased to 5: 1. Pastrňák in the third third again showed the overview and dexterity at the end. First he walked out of the back of the front door before the goal and did not adjust the score to 6: 2. The last word was in the penultimate minute when he pushed the puck between the skates and the bekhende bullet dropped Curtis McElhinney.

“In both matches, we played. We deserve some criticism. The good news is that the story is not yet closed.The next chapter comes on Monday, and we will try to make it happen, “said Ron Hainsey, defender of Toronto. His teammate Roman Polák was one of two team players who finished in +/- plus (+1).

Pastrňák is at the head of the Canadian scoring play off with four hits and five passes and in sixth place is Ondřej Palát (1 + 3).

“I play with great players in a great team. Our line-up (Pastrňák-Bergeron-Marchand) also has the same composition for a while, we understand and succeed. We play great, “said Pastrňák. “We want to be better in every match. We do not think of an opponent or what could happen.We just want to play fast and get the best out of it, “he explained.

The play off hockey NHL Saturday’s program opened two big prize winners as the two-time lead in the games took the winners of both long- season. Tampa Bay helped 5: 3 with New Jersey and Nashville scored a 5: 4 lead over Colorado.

Welcome prize Tampa Bay Over New Jersey 5: 2 Czech striker Ondrej Palat supported three points (1 + 2) and he was able to win the retaliation by helping with the first goal of his colors to contribute to the final 5: 3 result.The winner of the Eastern Conference of the base part and already leads 2: 0 in matches, although they were visiting Devils in game number two distinct superiority shooting 25:44.

Lightning went ahead in the 13th minute when mentioned Palát (14:38, 0 + 1, +1, 1 shot) took part in the Brayden Score. But the joy of homework did not last long. Already at the 14th minute, the first draft Nico Hischier was compared.

But homework went well with the second act in which they decided on their triumph. The 24th minute series kicked off in the 24th minute, and in the 34th minute closed Alexei Killorna’s power play.Taylor Johnson and Nikita Kucerov, who helped a lot of Vatanen’s unfortunate defensive intervention, took a couple of shots between them.

New Jersey goalkeeper Keith Kinkid after Cory Schneider’s fifth prize, with his inauguration, score. Sami Vatanen dropped just before the second exit, and Blake Coleman celebrated in 52 minutes. The Tampa fans then breathed in on the 57th minute when they did not recognize the Miles Wood contact. In the final game of Devils without a goalie nothing has changed. Pavel Zacha (15:55, +/-: 0, 1 shot) was leaving disappointed, to celebrate the Palace.The second Czech on the winners’ side, Andrej Šustr, watched the match as a non-playing substitute.

Even more drama was seen on Nashville’s ice . The winner of the Western Conference and the entire base event eventually celebrated his second victory in the series of the opening round of Colorado , but the big favorite was a close 5: 4 score.

On both sides, fouls, each of the units transformed one power. The key phase of the duel was the second third, in which Predators scored three goals. Their prime ministers in this year’s defeat battles were seen by strikers Kevin Fial, Viktor Arvidsson and Ryan Johansen. However, guests did not give up and repeatedly managed to reduce their loss.The difference event was eventually hit by an empty cage by Ryan Hartman in the 59th minute, which adjusted the running status to 5: 3. The last word of reaching Avalanche was at 59:24 to Alexander Kerfoot.


Janda: Win and another turn is fine, but we have to improve the beginnings

“It was a bit like Friday, again 2: 0 for France, then we started playing a bit, we gradually added goals and checked the game. The start was a little sleepy. Victory is good, we give enough goals, the team has a good spirit, but as far as the game is concerned, it is still to improve. But I would be happy, no, “Josef Jandač, the coach of the champions, said after the Saturday duel.

” It was similar in my view, but the difference was that this time special teams won their parts power and weaknesses, while on Friday they were lost, “said Jandač.

The reoffending introduction did not delight him at all, yet he stayed above the thing. “We will say it, but then the reality is different.It’s just hockey, it’s a sport, it can happen. It is definitely one of the things that we need to improve, “said Jandac.

Find out how the team managed to get out of the two-handed manknot again and positively. “It is a pleasant experience for us to be able to advise and do not panic. The team always helps when they can turn the game. But that does not have to be the rule, because now we are going to wait a little bit different resistance and rivals of another level, there would be no need for it, “warned Jandač overlooking the Pardubice Carlson Hockey Games and the Swedish Games.

a two-day turnaround for the national team because he managed to defend a 3-minute weak after the play of Adam Musil, who was in the middle of the course, with Nicolase Besche.Hard, but it seemed to be pure. Still, the judges were shown in cabins with a penalty for five minutes and the end of the match.

“It started to sparkle. And honestly, I saw the hit just one repeat from our video and it’s hard to tell if it was a foul or not. Whether it was on my head, I do not know…The French started to do it differently, but we accepted it. And I think that even due to their lack of discipline, at the end of a third we have given the goal, “reminded Jandač.

The whole situation affected the match in that the attacker resigned but defended them and played five beacons, while we still had 11 strikers in the game, “added Jandač.

Unpredictable Amstel with a beer flavor. Kreuziger and Sagan will go

Just before noon Sunday, cyclists will leave the Maastricht town hall, a 260-kilometer lane of the Limburg province will be waiting for them, with 35 short but very steep climbs.

Among them are three well-known Cauberg .

The hill, which is similar to the Dutch for the Dutch as the French climb to the Alpe d’Huez.During the race, there are 100,000 fans scattered here at five levels, and there is a beer from a nearby factory.

It is not a matter of course for Cauberg to be a place that every cycling fan has to visit at least once during his lifetime. >

It has been a long way to Amstel to make a decisive climb of the day until everything has changed last year.

The race symbol has been moved to a metro 19 kilometers before the finish.

And there was another race from Amstel.

“It does not seem like this, but the race is changing a lot. It forces bikers to do something much more than before in the past.The toughest part of Amstel is some 45 kilometers ahead of the finish line, with four challenging climbs, and this is where a winning leak can be born here, “says Matt White, the sport director of the Mitchelton-Scott stables.

is true, since the decisive selection took place 40 kilometers before the Kruisberg target, which was something unprecedented at the introductory Ardennes classic.

It’s harder for the race to predict now.

“Especially for typical peaks, the race has become quite different.It’s more interesting and begins to race a little bit earlier, “says Roman Kreuziger, the only Czech participant in the introductory class of Ardennes.

I have not had such good feelings for a long time

Unlike previous years, Kreuziger has nothing to change.

He will again be the leader of his team in the upcoming Ardennes week. this year’s eighth at the Around Valencia race, fourteenth at Abu Dhabi, in Paris-Nice was one of the most active people in the bundle.

And after preparing for the Canary Islands he spent with his team coach, he looks great before Amstel.

“Amstel and Lieutenant are two of my favorite races. I was looking forward to them even in years when I was not in the top form. And I feel it this year.I have not had such good feelings for a long time, “says the Czech cyclist before the start.

This year he has a two-year contract with the Australian stables.”I’m so excited to sell it right now,” he says.

Along with him, Daryl Impey will also work with the team for a decent result. with Michael Albasini. “And after the race, it should be determined who is going to be,” explains Kreuziger.

Supporting the trio of leaders will be Luke Durbridge, Michael Hepburn, Chris Juul-Jensen and Carlos Veron. > “We have a team in the team who can try a great result,” says Matt White, Sport Director Matt White.

Like Kreuziger succeeded in 2013 when he triumphed after he attacked 19

Valverde, Gilbert and also Sagan

He has won the Walloon Arrival five times, four times Liege-Bastogne-Liege, and has dominated 50 percent of the Ardennes classics since 2014. But the Amstel Gold Race?Never again! Alejandro Valverde has twice gone, once again, but he is still waiting for the premiere triumph.Despite this, the phenomenal Spaniard is one of the two biggest favorites. Philippe Gilbert, the four-time race winner of course.

His Belgian Quick-Step arrives at the Ardennes classic with the same tactics he paid off during the cube, with more leaders.

The biggest one is, of course, Gilbert, who would call in the historic table of the five-time record player Jan Raas.

-Step to rely on Julian Alaphilippa. “He is the biggest favorite of the race with Valverde,” White is clear.

The third man in the party to which Quick-Step will look is the Flanders winner Niki Terspstra. > “We hope to play with more cards, we will be in every major leak and repeat last year when we won with Philippe Gilbert,” says sports director Wilfried Peeters.

Dangerous will also be Tim Wellens, the winner of the Wednesday Brabant Arrow, which is already a traditional clash between the Cubic Classics and the Ardennes.

Wellens is a great form this year, head, overall, also won the Spanish Ruta del Sol stage race.

He will be the black horse of the race.

Among favorites, Dan Martin, Michal Kwiatkowski, Romain Bardet, Greg van Avermaet, and Vincenzo Nibali will also be counted on Sunday. And of course, Peter Sagan, the fresh winner of Peklo North.

A man who has difficulty looking for limits on a bicycle and who, on a Sunday, can taste the beer of the race organizer at the highest level.

By winning Gent-Wevelgem and Paris-Roubaix this year, he has met.On Sunday it will not be under pressure and can benefit from it.

“And thanks to it, the race gets a different dimension,” White thinks.

Goalie Fryšták as an unexpected league star. Are I really the best? did not believe

“Am I really the best? You surprised me, “Fryšták said as he found out. “I do not watch the power of statistics, the most important thing is still to be happy both the coach and the whole team.”

Know that you are happy.

Thanks to the performance of Tomas Frystak are Bohemians seventh in the league table and are attacking the best place since 2011, when the coach Pavel Hoftych was in sixth place.

And the unexpected star Fryšták?

Like Sunday against Pilsen, from which he received two goals but Bohemians won 5: 2 clearly.

“Of course, bugs can be found on every match.Those two goals that have been collected can be broken…No, yesterday it was an extraordinary match. We had respect from Pilsen, but we knew they were not doing too well now. We thought we could use it, “Fryšták said.

Just like the entire Bohemians team, one of the biggest surprises in the current year, it has a great season – the best in life. At the age of thirty, for the first time in his career he became a full-fledged league leader.

“It was creepy, but I still believed it would turn around once,” he admits. Only in the Bohemians gradually covered the back of Zdeněk Zlámal, Viktor Budinsky and Martin Berkovec.

“Now I am in the gate and I hope to stay in it as long as possible.”Fryšták has passed the youth representation, he has even a silver medal from the World Championship in 20 years in 2007.

But at the club level, he did not worry. He passed through Slovácko, Čáslav, Tábor or České Budějovice. As a free player in the summer of 2015 he went to the camp of the Czech Association of Football Players (ČAFH).

“I took it as an opportunity. I had the ideal conditions to complete the summer preparation, and because we were going through the tournament on and on and eventually winning it, we all helped us all.My expectations were fulfilled, “Fryšták said.

And then you know the story…

After two years of retirement, Fryšták is one of the winners of the season so successful. “I believe we can move with Bohemia, but we have to improve the results on the rivals’ courts. If we could manage the games, maybe we’re even better on the table, “feels Fryšták.

The ideal eleven of the football league after 23.round according to and MF DNES:





Frk signed up for the championship. Who else from the NHL can go to Denmark?

Detroit still officially ended season, he had before him the last game regular season, but Martin Frk did not hesitate, in an interview with American journalists admit that talking to George Fischer, that the national team will assume the role of manager after Milan Hnilička.

“I told him I’d love to play hockey all the time. And I’m tempted to go to the championship, “Frk said.

Does he have a chance to push himself? The truth is that the coach Josef Jandač will not have so many players this year, so nothing is ruled out. After all, Frk himself said: “Fischer told me that he would like me to show myself in the preparatory matches that the Czech Republic is waiting for now. So we’ll see, time is not too much.I’m sure I want to go, the peasant is always a lure. ”

Frk has entered the fourth formation after his promising entry into the Detroit season, his time spent on the ice fell about an average of eight minutes. Still, he retained the first team and played 68 games in which he picked up 25 points (11 + 14).

Just because I did not play so much, I would like to extend the season. No hockey player wants to have a season at the beginning of April. ”

However, no other Czech NHL players may be aware of this. Some may end the contract, others may have injuries, others will not want to take the risk. The greatest possible boost would be Vladimir Sobotka , and his partner from St.Louis

b> from Calgary or Radka Faksy from Dallas. The defensive, which is always the biggest difficulty, could reinforce Jan Rutta, who has had an excellent debut in Chicago or his club colleague David Kämpf . p> And Jandač et al. they indicated that they would also like to try a pair of young Philippe – Guy and Chytil . Both Ottawa, respectively. New York Rangers sent to the farm.

After the battles between Boston and Toronto, there will be either David Krejčí and David Pastrňák Roman Polák and Tomáš Plekanec .But the experienced defender will not want to take the risk of a severe injury from last year, which almost ended his career, the second one has already indicated that his career has ended.

The series Washington – Columbus will present four Czechs. The first team is Michal Kempny and Jakub Jeřábek , but both ends the contract and forvard Jakub Vrána . On the other hand stands Lukáš Sedlák .

Traditionally, Philadelphia has a large representation, where Jakub Voráček, Radko Gudas and Petr Mrázek < b> s Michael Neuvirthem .If the Pittsburgh favored, the talented Dominic Simon will fail.

A heavy test awaits the premiere play off Las Vegas, and if it fails, Nosek and Hyka . And to show in a showdown for the first time would be Ondřej Kaše from Anaheim, who will play against San Jose. It is Tomáš Hertl , in which it is difficult to judge whether he will want to risk injuries to the problematic knee after the season.

MONDAY: Vrba deserves other treatment, fans of another Vrba

I would like to emphasize this: Great performances, kangaroos!

The form of the overwhelming majority of Pilsen players is inadequate, but give the league a sultan, that is an example of quality. Big victory.

However, Bohemka has a problem to score a goal one, let alone two. Now the jerk of the kangaroos broke off the chain and once again verified that the way they traveled under coach Martin Hašek is clearly correct. It’s not just a dueling football, it’s mostly a combination.Players like Reiter or Tetteh are extremely interesting for the league.

It is not easy to take such a debacle (especially when there are millions from the Champions League), so Vrba was once again auspicious at the press conference.

Can you say that the profits of the title are now in jeopardy?

“That’s yours. You can do it better without us, so write down what you want. ”

Which, we journalists will certainly appreciate, but the fans are interested mainly in the opinion of the coach, and he usually learns through journalists when we take in it’s a fan group that does not have internet, so there’s no social networking, so do not even read this Ponderier like my dad, for example.

I know it’s hard to change the character traits, but the fans deserve a little more.Football is for people, is not it?

In Pilsen it will be alive now. But Vrba is not at risk, it’s the title that Viktorka really has to manage. I can not imagine it happening. And I can not even imagine that Vrba had to say goodbye from the first place or after the title as his successors / predecessors Koubek, Krejčí or Pivarník.

Vrba is another category. And for the super job he did in Pilsen he deserves another treatment. But now it has to figure out how out of the crisis quickly out.

The second Slavia has scored an important prize in Brno that Tecl joker hit. When, after a great autumn in Jablonec, he returned from hosting Eden, a lot of people, especially from Jablonec, regretted that one of the best strikers in the league would become only a substitute and the form would be gone.Strong teams need strong substitutes, it’s important to be mentally abducted, and coach Trpišovský can do it with the players. Maybe next time Tecl will be in the base.

Fan is not a criminal

football has taken pre-match registration of visiting fans whom police have photographed with a ID card as prisoners in investigative custody.

I understand that prevention is important and the security is the main thing, but this is no longer undignified. A fan is not a criminal.She is just paying for some helplessness, which fans can hardly play. Slavia, in addition to the collapse of Pilsen, have also been pleased with the losses of competitors of Liberec, Olomouc and Jablonec, which ended with a six-match winning line, but the point from the reborn Mladá Boleslav counts.

The domestic point against Jihlava can not make Sigma happy. She did not even have forty minutes of power. In the spring it’s not so far from Hanáky. But panic does not have to, even jumped to third place. For the first time under coach Pavel Hapal, the sixth Sparta took over, defeating the Dukla, and as a candle on the cake, it also won the second half.

Petrželova karma

The situation at the opposite end of the table is tangling even more.If you believe in karma, you could not surprise the win of the last Ostrava in Zlín. The jarring battle of the threatened teams that exchanged coaches raised attention primarily thanks to the direct Vlastimil Petržel on the Zlín bench. It does not make sense to remind him of all his statements, some of whom were unclear about Bohumil Páník, but the truth was playground.

The league is so interesting this year and the table is inflated that the new system does not even need it next season. In this I’m a can. I do not like to play off but I’m glad to be wrong.

Nice subtle.

Dukla – Jablonec 0: 1, after the failure of the lights gave the only goal Lischka

Jablonec jumped to sixth place after the second spring victory, Dukla is in the incomplete table of the tenth.

“I am happy with the performance of the players, especially with active play forwards. I did not want to highlight anyone, they all did a very good performance, “Jablonec Petr Radka told the press conference.

The match started with a delay of twelve minutes because one of four light masts did not work. After his throwing began to play, but within a quarter of an hour, even two masts faded. Chief Referee Zelinka sent the players of the two teams to the cabins in the 16th minute. After a half-hour pause, the stadium turned on again and continued in the game.

“On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we checked the technical background of the entire stadium including the lights. Everything was alright.Unfortunately, shortly before the excavation, it was discovered that there were problems with one of the light masts. Unfortunately, unfortunately, we are not able to tell exactly what causes it. It may be about the extremely cold weather, “said Dukly Šárka Drobná, spokesperson of the press.

A handful of frozen spectators staying at the stadium saw the first big chance in the 30th minute. Domestic bek With a direct kick, the ball bounced the ball across the wall and Hrubý’s goalkeeper saved the stick.On the other hand, Jovovic’s shot from the corner of sixteen was well hit by goaltender Dukly Rada.

“We were making pressure right from the beginning of the match, but that pause has made us more than our opponents,” admitted coach Dukla Jaroslav Hynek. “Sitting again for ten or fifteen minutes in the cabin is not a good thing, especially from a health point of view in terms of injuries,” the Council added.

The second half entered Jablonec more actively and after a few words they could in the 60th minute open score. Lawn was found to defend Chramosta, who, though he dropped Radu, but walked a short distance away and did not even reach the stop.

Four minutes later, the guests were waiting.The lawn was found from the corner of Lischka and Jablonecký was the first to be the first goal of the league.

The Jablonec after the inaccurate shot of Holenda did not let Dukla into the final pressure and in the highest competition they won for Julisce for the first time since October 2011. The Pragueers lost at home the second league game behind us without the goal scored.

“We were then very inaccurate and at the end of the match we had a complete chaos on the pitch. In the autumn, we were able to do something in the end with such matches now, as if we were crazy about it, “Hynek said.

Even Hasek would not have liked us, the Russians are celebrating victory over the Czech Republic

According to Kommersant, it could be expected that the Russians will attack and the Czechs will wait for their chances at their goal. But according to this tradition, it was only until the Czechs had settled in the Russian defensive third.

“These were nervous minutes. Minutes when Russian goalkeeper Vasilij Koshekkin was more busy than Pavel Francouz and the congregation did not look like a 100% favorite with whom he was treated with deep respect, “wrote the commentator. But everything changed with Kirilla Kaprizova’s” the shark slipped between the defenders “and made the Bohemians” forget about the previous ingenuity “.

But the Czech team stayed and the French faced the onslaught.Already before the match, the Czech goalkeeper of the frontman of the Trabucus bowed, although “of course, he does not match the great Dominik Hašek, who led the Czech team to gold in Nagano.”

Nevertheless, the French did not fail – until the middle of the second a third when the Russian captain Pavel Dacjuk sent a “genial pass” to Nikita Guseva, the Frenchman did not manage to move and the puck ended in the corner of the goal. The attempt of Čechů to challenge the goal failed and so they decided to answer the goal goal. Instead of waiting for a nervous ending, in which the Czech team could make a lot of problems, “a ugly, seamless future arose before the Russians,” commented Kommersant.There was no grudge with the rest of the match and the Czech representation was “terrible in her anger” and “furiously attacked”.

But all the efforts were wrecked on Košečkin, who did not fail even at the end when the Czechs had to completely abandon their favorite “trench” tactics. The conglomerate has stood by the sheet: it may have played without a gloss, but it was not necessary and the bugs were corrected by Košečkin before Ilja Kovalčuk shot into the empty goal and closed the account for 3: 0. For a convincing victory praises the Russian hockey player and Sovetsky sport, although he admits that in the first third the initial onslaught, which was typical for the Russian team in previous matches, was eliminated.Both teams have been vigilant and this style of play seemed more compliant to the rivals than the Russians. But their success in Korea did not repeat the successful Czech tactics of the 1998 Olympics or the 2010 World Cup finals, “the modest Czechs scored first, the lead and the gold medals,” remarked the commentator and added “Fortunately for the Russians, it did not come out in Korea.”

“We have won this semi-final not by character or by championship, but we have overtaken our opponents tactically,” says Sovietski sports tribute to coach Oleg Znarok.

“Sborna fulfilled the task of moving to the finals famously,” Sport-Express who has a Russian team at the Olympics of a single opponent: himself.When it comes to the initial match with Slovakia, which now looks like a “global misunderstanding”, the Russians play so hard that something can be said about them.

The current Czech team, on the contrary, according to the commentator, looked like the most advantageous opponent, superstition. It was enough for the Russians to stretch out the apple from the Bohemian tree to just stretch out a hand, just shake the fruit to fall. Although the reality hard hit the Czech ambitions, the level of the rivals is not a Russian problem, wrote the author.

I acted like an angry boy, Brother Ledeck

“The comment really did not have to be so bad. For me it was in fervor, in anger. I was acting like a normal angry boy. I could have been more decent, but at least someone else noticed it, “he says in an interview for the Weekend magazine DNES, which runs on Saturday, February 24 – the day his sister will strive for another Olympic success, this time in snowboarding. p>

The cartoonist and musician has responded to the situation created by the race between the super-female slalom of women and the ice-hockey match between the Czech Republic and Canada.

The television is limited by the strict conditions of the purchased rights, hockey has been chosen for live broadcasting, Ester Ledecká’s driving has just left a break from the record.

Her brother was pissed off.On Facebook, for example, he wrote: “For not giving it on TV, you should crucify yourself, you bitch!”

After a few days, he was given the opportunity to defend his attitude in the weekend interview. And he spoke already calmly, without disturbing emotions.

“There was more to it. Maybe CT did not broadcast any World Cup competition in snowboarding, where Esterka is the best. And not letting her Olympic ride, a terrible blow under my belt. They did not realize she had rewritten history. That she got into history when she tapped her wands. It’s not even about winning. He participates in two sports. They have noticed this everywhere in the world.But not in CT. ”

Some fans of the Ledeck’s word responded with understanding, others were rejecting the stark statement. Robert Záruba, the head of the Czech Television Olympic Broadcasting, explained that if the team had a little bit of a similar result, then the hockey game would definitely run off the hill.

“I understand that the television did not have the chance to broadcast everything but could at least declare: A historical event has come to an end, we apologize to our fans and congratulate Ester, “he says. “Then everything would be all right. Instead, they did as if nothing had happened. ”

The Saturday interview also deals with other themes. Ledecký describes where his sister’s exceptionalness took place, in what was the specific education of their parents.But maybe even how it would look like a comic that could come from Ester.

Self-confidence, better team climate. Players understand me more, Stramaccioni says

When he started his engagement in Sparta last June, everything was wrong. For nothing, the results and performance in the preparation, followed by the elimination from the European League and the festive performances in home competitions accompanied by protests of the fans.

“The beginnings were not easy for one side. I came with a certain vision and philosophy but the players were used to something else, “says Stramaccioni in a club television interview.

” Now I feel that the team has a different atmosphere than in the autumn. I think the atmosphere of training, the cabin, and how we work together to achieve our goals. It’s also the way we know each other.The players understand better what they want and that is very important. ”

Stramaccioni admits that last year, due to the many arrivals of foreign players, the climate in the team was not ideal. “We had a problem. I would say that four, five, six foreign players were pushed away, separated, “he said.

” Our core is Czech and I think we should keep it. But at the same time, we create small communities here. I experienced it in Inter Milan, where we had Brazilian, Argentinian or Balkan players. And the newcomers helped in their adaptation to the team. ”

There is one African group in Sparta: Mavuba, Kanga, Costa. “You understand each other,” the coach said. Other Romanian: Vatajelu, Stanciu, Nita.Then the Balkans: Plavšič, Čivič, Ristič.

“New players have come to eliminate our shortcomings and improve quality. It comes to a different environment than those in the summer and fits faster. I think it will show up in the field. ”

This was already visible in the preparation games, after five wins, the team succumbed to Spartak Moscow (1: 2), but the performance was hopeful.

“We had good access to the games. I see that self-confidence is growing. And I do not think so much about the results, but what kind of game we were playing.This is the most important thing for me, “stressed Stramaccioni.

For the Italian coach it was the first winter preparation in life. “We did not have such a break in Italy in the winter,” he said.

“Now the Czech part of the implementation team has helped me. I have been alerted to possible problems. And especially I had to hand Zdeněk Ščasný and Tomáš Rosický. I listened to them, perceived their experience. For me it was a huge advantage over the past year. ”

Away are players whose sports management was not satisfied with the autumn or with which no future was expected. On the contrary, four reinforcements arrived, of which Stanciu, Kanga and Nita will be in the base line. Renowned Ben Chaim.

It is a surprise who Stramaccioni will put at the beginning of the season as the left defender.It will not be Michal Kadlec, who played most of the autumn. Not even Costa, who played for three years. Not even the young Civic.

“Martin Frydek,” said Stramaccioni, explaining the election. “Kadlec returns after the achilles surgery, with Costa counting more on the stopper and Civic is hope for the future. After a meeting with the management, we decided to find another solution. And when we have other players in the middle of the pitch, we chose Frydek. In that we have also agreed with Zdeněk Ščasný. ”

On the right, Zahustel will be again in the form of excellent preparation. “You can see what I want from the extreme defenders. We think a lot of attack, being as offensive as possible. We want players to go to lime. Zahustel does it perfectly.He accurately understands what I want him to do, gives goals, supports the attack. Frýdek did a good job in the preparatory games. “After leaving Dúbravka to Newcastle, Florin Nita seems to be the goal keeper, even if the team arrived at the beginning of February. “We had selected Nitu, it was the first choice for us. It was important that he wanted to cross Sparta, “Stramaccioni said.

” We were looking for a typologically similar goalie. In order to be excellent among the sticks and in the legs, he has had experience both from abroad and from the big club. Florin was in Steaue Bucharest, caught the cups, was pressured, “calculated Stramaccioni.