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From the Children’s Olympics to the real one. Combiners: Somewhere to get started

Among his peers he triumphed in Innsbruck 2012. “Previously, the children’s Olympics in the Czech Republic. Then the junior world championship. And now this, “21-year-old Portyk looks over the international zone of the Olympic village in South Korea. “Sure, baby of the youth is one tenth out of here. But one has to start somewhere. ”

He is now in lauf, the fourth in the World Cup in Japan. While some aces were missing, Portyk still managed to keep up the best.

Vida: Last time, the relatively queer Nordic combination at once hits talent. Besides Portyka, 19-year-old Ondřej Pažout was sitting for the new junior world champion to change.

“It was a bit hectic, but I was home to my family.I got everything I needed, “he says; since the triumph in Switzerland has not passed for two weeks and is already in Asia. “It’s a pretty nice change. I hope I can handle the acclimatization. ”

And these two are an example of how to get through the sporty fan of the planet through the tournament for enthusiastic teenagers. “This is the next step. And the biggest one, “said Portyk, who had already begun his start in Sochi. In Pchjongch’ang, he plans more than “trial” participation.

And because he’s pushing younger partners.

“Yeah, healthy competition is needed,” he nods. “If you do not have a person to train with, you do not like it. Doing everything is boring, with others you support, you are more happy. We pull one rope.It will give you the most in the years to come. ”

The unionists were only looking for the first training, so Portyk does not want to evaluate the form. “In Japan, I did a nice result, I was a bit mildly relaxed,” he says. “We’ll see how it will go now.”

Pazout, who might otherwise have read the textbooks, will also take the combination of jumping and cross-country skiing – at the end of the season he is going to graduate. “I was not very much at school. I hope that teachers will be willing to help me get some stamps in order to be able to mature in the spring and not until the autumn, “he relies on welcoming.

On the skis he is looking for a” maturita “sport; the way Portyk has lived recently.A fast flight between adults implies the need to prepare for the junior champions to ride at the fifth or sixth. “It’s a hard step, but it’s going to go on gradually. Then the results arrive, “counsels his colleague.

The porthook has stretched through a pitfalls like a motivational tattoo, with Rocky Balboa’s film hero on his shoulder. Will this be a model? “Well, I’d like a candy,” laughs Pazout on a partner.

How would they not even smile. After all, the former Olympic Gamesmakers are real Olympians.

Gercak saw his thumbs up. Czech futsalists have plagued Brazil

“We all appreciate the final result of the Grand Prix. The more so that the Brazilians were in the best possible form to put in the cluster – the European club enthusiasts were on holiday, “says Gerčák, who regularly alternated with Vahala in the tournament.

However, “The power was, in his opinion, on the side of Brazil.”

“The referees were not exactly in favor of us,” says Gerčák. “But even so, we were hungry for home, for a long time they were nervous. Up to 3: 2, they added calm, “says 42-year-old goalkeeper.

Czech Republic even thanks to Seidler and Rešetar in the game twice.”As far as the silver medal is concerned, the Brazilian players have made us a barrel and applauded us.”

They personally showed me a raised thumb and congratulated because I had some important interventions in the finals, “Gerčák describes.

He also told him that one of the spectators, about twelve-year-old Brazilian boy, asked for a jersey. “He claimed he was also a futsal goalie, so I gave it to him,” says Gerčák. “Some of the boys then exchanged jerseys with the Brazilians.”

The crowd of 4,500 spectators created a noisy backdrop in the hall and the Czechs enjoyed the full swing.

“It was amazing. Brazilian fans are impulsive.They probably thought the final was going to be different, but when we showed them some nice events, they could also appreciate us. They had a great match, “says Gerčák.

The Duel with Brazil was the fifth overall for the Czechs, and they had already met her in the group (defeat 4: 9) ) and overwhelmed Uruguay (6: 3) and the Battle of Costa Rica (3: 1).

“All the teams lived in the same hotel and boys from Belgium were there for a long time at the pool the heat was so good. It left behind the consequences, “Gercak thinks of the debacle of a rival from Europe.

Uruguay and Costa Rica have resisted much more. “Their players have great motor skills, they have great individualities.He has been kicking the futsal on a small slice in front of the barracks since he is six years old, while he starts with “big” football and futsal is going on later, “compares Gercak, according to which these teams for Brazil are loser only in tactics.

Back to the Czechs. Those under the impression of the result of the Grand Prix are more interested in having missed their participation in the current European championship in Slovenia in the barrage with Serbia. “We immediately talked about the fact that if we played like that against Serbia, we would have been to the Euro,” notes Gerčák.

Since returning to the Republic he has already won one league match – his high- 2 Czech Republic.

“When we went there, we thought it was a rival that does not fit us.We were worried, but in the second minute we managed 2: 0 and added more goals. After our goal to 5: 1, the home passed, “says Gerčák.

Nejzbachu in the match report back to recovery Jakub Vágner and Roman Michalec; In addition, the team has a new addition to Jiri Beran, who had boarded for example Torf Pardubice.

“Vagi with Roman Mýtě are long and maintain performance. They play it when they play. It could be seen on Bery that he did not play the year. Before training, we taught him some signals; it will take two matches to get there, and it will be cool, “says futsal veteran Gerčák.

Zapletal: Hockey goalie can do with floorball. Except for a few exceptions

When the Saturday Super League floorball match between Ústí nad Labem and Otrokovice was over, Marek Zapletal was already looking after the results of the first hockey league. The guest cannon is also a coach of Vsetín since this season.

“I should not say that, but sometimes I look at the break,” Zapletal admits. “It counts a lot to me.”

Last year, he combined floorball with catching in the second league Cobra Prague, and now Lapach is dedicated to training his followers across all ages.

I could go home to Kromeriz, I also got an offer from Pelhřimov, “Zapletal says. But when the six-time extralig champion, who was looking for the goalie coach, did not hesitate. “I vented it for a long time.I have an aunt here, like a little I went to hockey at Lapač. I’m glad to be part of such a colossus. ”

In Vsetin he meets the ice hockey capacities he previously admired from the auditorium. The sports manager is formerly excellent defender Radim Tesařík, Zapletal’s direct superior Nagano Olympic winner Jiří Dopita, for whom he has only the words of praise: “Every professional. Straight man, hard but human. ”

Work with goalkeepers

Luboš Horčička, who won the Zlín extralig. And if he engages them four years younger, they respect each other. “We found a good word with Horcha.All the goalkeepers in Vsetín have taken me, “he pleased Zapletal.

But he looks at the video for the performance of his wardens in an important match in Přerov. When playing matches, floorball is preferred. “They’re going to meet me. I do not have to ride outdoors, “he thanks to his hockey employer. Sometimes he returns to Ricany, where Martin Altrichter has begun the goalkeeping academy. The 2004 Zollin champion of the Zlin Masters owes much to them. In training, he was inspired by it.

“I have a lot of work done here with a lot of goalkeepers who want to continue with individual training with me. Some of them got into the extralig of a teenager or junior. I smiled again.Some are very promising, and they could get somewhere, “Zapletal said.

On Lapac, besides the goalkeepers, he also takes care of thirds. Every day he is so busy. The home usually returns late in the evening, but she finds understanding with her friend.

“She is also a great athlete. She does the fitness center, playing floorball in Přerov, where we live. When I have time, I ride with the girls to help them, “says Zapletal, who is experiencing his best floorball season in Otrokovice. With 26 hits, he is a cannon of the team, in the order of superligi shooters he is warming up to the seventh bar. So far, his top 9 goals last season.

Hockey and floorball are greatly complementing

“When I played in Bohemia in Kladno or Bohemia, it was not bad. But here in Moravia, my teammates are a little bit more familiar to me, they are home to my boys, “says Zapletal, who also praises team welfare. “It’s been a lot of the rise of the Vítkovice boys, I get nice passes,” he says, assisting Pesat-Švajný. He also favored the theory that hockey goalkeepers can shoot goals with a stick or floorball. “It’s been a proven experience for years, except for a few exceptions,” he laughs.

Hockey helps him in the floorball.For example, when the Znojmo counterproducer broke the spindle bone on his hands just before the holidays.

“Instead of casting, I gave myself a brace, I made a electromagnet to accelerate regeneration from the ice hockey mask, and in less than three weeks the bone was clean, “Says Zapletal, who has scored twice in spite of Sparta.

And thanks to his goals, Otrokovice has practically a certain way to play-off. If this happens to Hockey players Vsetín, he will be happy.

NHL star competitions: McDavid fastest, Ovechkin had the toughest shot

What other fans did the fans appreciate at Amalie Arena? The new duel of goalkeepers in the successful interventions was won by Marc-Andre Fleury of Vegas, who disposed of 14 separate raids in a row. “We did not think I could overcome the thirteen that Rinne had. That’s why I went into it only to enjoy it and it finally came out, “Fleury smiled.

The most accurate passes were defenders Alex Pietrangelo from St. Louis, who completed the competition in 46,610 seconds, the second ended by Forward Eric Staal of Minnesota (54,679). “We were all nervous because we did not know what to do.I was glad I did not go first, “Pietrangelo described as another premiere discipline. The 21-year-old Captain Oilers McDavid became the first ice hockey player in history to reign twice for the fastest skater. With a time of 13,454 seconds, Fortitude Brayden was overtaken by Pointe of Tampa Bay (13,579).

“It’s fun. I was looking forward to this discipline. I enjoy talking, but I tried not to hurt myself. In the last two days I did not do anything, so I did not want to stretch anything. Still, I made a good time, “said McDavid.He has been awarded Sergei Fjodorov, Mike Gartner, Peter Bond, Scott Niedermayer and Sami Kapanen, who have also won this competition more than once.

Twenty-year-old Boeser hit five goals in a goal for 11,136 seconds and ended up with striker Brian Boyle with a time of 11,626. “I was nervous and I was shaking my hand,” Boeser described the feelings of the winning discipline. Ovechkin sent the hardest of the evening at 163 km / h and broke the supremacy of the defenders in this discipline. He has become the first striker since 2002 to win. The last thing was done to Fjodorov from Detroit.

“Of course it is because they are not Chara or Weber,” Ovechkin said.Montreal Jackie Shea Weber has dominated the hardness of the missile for the past three Star Wars and Zdeno Chara of Boston holds a record 175.1 km / h in 2012. Gaudreau passed the slalom race in a puff control competition in 24,650 seconds, behind followed by striker John Tavares of the NY Islanders (28,242). “I did not understand what was going on at those three-hole boards. I almost did not get a show because I was still in the cabin but at least I finally saw it so I knew, “Gaudreau admitted.

As a kid he picked up the Olympic Flag, and after 50 years he would fly to Korea

“I was a young, unwise guy. In Villard de Lans where the toboggan races went, I took the flag without knowing what was going on around it, “recalls Halíř.

“The flag disappeared immediately by the French police. My colleague took another flag from the representation. Everyone around us was afraid what would happen if the police had come to us. They would definitely exclude us from the games. “Four years earlier, Australian swimmer and gold medal winner from three olympiads, Dawn Fraser, drunk at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, overwhelmed the water ditch and stole the Olympic Flag in front of the Imperial Palace.

The swim superstar, the first woman of the Japanese Olympics at a hundred meters of crawl, was then detained by the police.She escaped without punishment, and Emperor Hirohito gave her the Olympic Flag as a souvenir. But from the Australian Swimming Federation Fraser she was given a ten-year ban on racing…Despite her misconduct, she became an Australian Athlete in 1964. In 2000 she ran with a torch one of the last sections at the Sydney Olympics opening.

Still, the Fraser story illustrates how tricky the Halliver has.

18,000 sledge

Fortunately, the Olympic flag hidden in the French garage did not arrive in 1968. “But I had to figure out how to get her home to Czechoslovakia,” says Halíř. “At the border, the customs officers made strict controls.Finally, I successfully smuggled the flag in a helmet. ”

The current director of Czech toboggans is also banishing in Liberec other remarks of the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble. The Czechoslovak expedition used at that time exclusive clothing that ordinary citizens in the socialist country let alone just look.

“I have a fur coat at home where we went to the opening ceremony of the Olympics. And a cap too, “says Halir. “Originally, we had something to pay for the clothes, but we got it for free.”

The Halíř also remembers the perfectly preserved racing sleigh from the late 1960s.It cost 18,000 crowns, or just ten thousand less than the Fiat 850. “Their price is now unpredictable,” says Halíř.

Just another piece of bad luck from Grenoble, 1968, another skater, experienced Horst Urban, father of the Olympian and drawer Petr Urban. Czechoslovak representatives marched at the opening of the Olympics in the middle of the Olympics, without races, although they brought them to France.

“My dad never wore his cap. When the Czechoslovak delegation took the opening ceremony, the rammer kicked off, “recalls Petr Urban. “She stayed hanging high in the eaves, unable to take off.The whole expedition had to be on a ceremonial advent without races to be uniformly equipped. “In Grenobl 1968, Czechoslovakia represented six toboggans. “Then they have never been so much at the Olympics. There is now six in Korea, which makes me very happy as a chief executive, “says Halir.

The steep ice channel, which has been breathtaking for the audience, has not left the 47-year-old Halír to this day. > “I’m still driving veteran races. I’m flying more than a hundred-kilometer speed, “says Halíř. “I hear about myself, and I’m not so sorry to break somewhere and take me home in a wooden pencil. But I still enjoy sledding.

he left completely, and as a soldier he made the Duke of the company’s commander. He was finally in training.

“I am the biggest chances in Korea in the pair race of Lukáš and Tondo Brož. I’m working hard on training and I can see a great deal of work on them, “says Halir. “In the World Cup, he runs around the twelfth thirteenth place and I hope he could be in the top ten at the Olympics.” He was only twenty-one in the Greens, at the age of eighteen, in individual and fourteen in pairs. And I enjoyed the game as a fan.

“I have seen our hockey match with the Russians.We won 5: 4, finished in silver and even on TV shots after the end of the game, when we and other Czechs jumped from ice joy. At Grenoble we were a great team and we will meet today. I like to talk to Tomas Kucera, the fourth olympiad from the 1968 Olympics. We say our memories are the most beautiful and no one will take them away. “

She did not want to give up the basket even after the Golden Crash. He plans to set up a team

“I think it’s the fifth day of filming, and here we are from morning to evening, so we feel we’re shooting for two weeks. Gradually, fatigue is coming, my legs are hurting, I also started shooting with sickness when a few days ago I caught something. But now I’m healthy and I’m enjoying shooting more. It’s great fun, “interprets his 19-year-old blonde experiences.

In the film by the book, the Czechoslovak basketball player Jan Sedlák, gold at the 1946 European championship in Geneva, is not afraid of his courage by Jiří Závažoz and Jakub Bažant.

“I feel the burden of responsibility on my back because this is a personally important topic for me, even though I have not experienced it.Filming has just begun and we basically turn the basketball scenes, so now we’re knocking and getting to know each other. But in April in May, classical scenes will start, and I’m still busy preparing for them, so I take it very seriously, “says Piškula.

The golden spine is about sport and politics in the post-war era. It is probably the most important role for Piskula in his acting career.

“I did not know the details captured in the film in detail, but of course I know what happened during the Second World War, I know what was happening behind Communism. Honestly, before I read the script, I did not even know that our basketball players had such problems.When I learned the story, I learned some news, “says a student at the Prague Conservatory.

The shooting of the historical drama means for Piškula and several of his colleagues the first major meeting with basketball. The actors had to learn it at least at the basic level.

“Basketball I played at elementary school, but it was so that we were glad when we put one basket for the whole game. Since then, I’ve never played a coin and started with the upcoming film. I have a basketball experience for half a year, “says Piškula, who has played football for eight years. But he was caught in a difficult game, with his colleagues shooting at the industrial palace at the Prague Industrial Palace.

And they do not want to give up the basket even after they leave.They even think they would set up their own team.

“We’ve been working with our fellow actors since July, and I think there’s been a big improvement in everyone. It’s not about any glory, even though we thought we’d set up a team and go to some of the worst basketball leagues. But the improvement is definitely to be seen, because we really enjoy all of them, we often meet ourselves and just go to the basket, “says a young actor.

I believed I would return stronger after the injury, Bartl says

Over the past week, Bartl and his teammates made a challenging training session in Cyprus, where the fourth league team escaped the Liberec winter.

“Workouts are nutritious, but that’s why it’s called fitness training. But it is definitely better to run in this weather than in the one that welcomed us at the first training in Liberec, where we could build snowmen, “said Bartl for the club’s web site.

The Baník Ostrava deacon arrived in Liberec two half a year from Mladá Boleslav. Since then he has been in the 43-ball match in the blue-white jersey, and has also played in the European League. In the last season he started regularly in the base line, scored 4 goals but did not finish the season.In the April match in Teplice, he was badly injured in achilles, the final part of the year did not work and he had to go to surgery. “Unfortunately, I suffered a lot of injuries in my career, but this was one of the worst, Bartl admitted. “Thanks to my wife and daughter who gave me strength, I believed I would return stronger than I was. I managed that, after about seven months, I jumped into the set. Now I hope I will be healthy and will help the Slovan with good results. ”

In the basic report, Slovan returned only in November, when he was 2: 1 at the Liberec domestic win over Ostrava, and played the last autumn against Olomouc.If he is healthy, he can add another start in the spring and re-gain a solid place on the pitch.

Training under the new coach Holoubek is still commendable. “Every change I remember for my career has added a new impulse. I may have needed him twice, “he thinks. “He is a young ambitious coach who is hungry for big football. He also chose his co-workers accordingly. We have respect for what they have done as a player, and I believe that they will have success as coaches as well. Perhaps they will be here right here with us in Liberec. ”

In Cyprus, the players had extra space and hard workouts on the field and on the treadmill, as well as for the regeneration of hotel wellness.Additionally, the hotel stands near the sea reefs where the players walked into the water. “I confess that I only put it on my feet, but maybe Coufal or Potočný jumped with three jumps and put it in a pirouette,” Bartl laughed.

The first Cypriot concentration of football players in Liberec is over. On a warm Mediterranean island, however, they return to a longer game camp in two weeks. This is what the League Tips Tips are waiting for in Prague.

The girls showed us the way, they say Czech handball players before the start of ME

“It was a beautiful story that girls did,” says one of the Czech handball coach Jan Filip. “The girls showed us the way,” adds goalkeeper Martin Galia. “They were seen walking from the first minute to the last minute, and they were successful.” Their pilgrimage will try to imitate the representatives in Croatia, where the European championship will play on Saturday. The Czechs return to the big tournament after a three-year pause. “And we have to get used to not being favorites,” Matador Galia says.

Similar considerations would be a sign of handball illiteracy.Representatives will come across the Spaniels whose league is the best in the world, the Olympic winners from Denmark, and the group will end up against the Hungarians who will rely on the strong support of their fans in the border region of Varaždin.

to beat at least one of the socks, which could mean progress to the next stage of the tournament? “If we play at its maximum level, it will not be enough,” says coach Daniel Kubeš.

“Several players have to go beyond the limits of normal performance.That is the only way we can count on the group’s opponents, “Kubeš portrays the current layout of the handball team. “There will surely be a championship for the goalkeepers, there must be a defense and we need to take advantage of the rapid attacks,” says 38-year-old Gaul.

The Czechs will be introducing themselves for the first time at the big event without the stellar Filip Jícha, who ended his career after an endless series of medical battles. Just under the leadership of the handball icon, artists were able to jump in the qualifying games as well as renowned giants.

“It was once built on one player, but now we do not have a shooter who would be able to give ten goals.Even if we see, maybe somebody will say, “he hopes Galia.

Last year, the national team also said goodbye to Galiu’s goalkeeper Štochl. “Without the two (Jícha and Štochl), the Pilsen is not talking in the cabin. We have more Moravians there, “says Pavel Horák. Just seven handball players from a sixteen-member nomination are waiting for a big championship debut. This number perfectly reflects the generational change in the national team.

A team that believes in a collective concept. “Players must feel confident.Trust in and above all in the team, “says coach Kubeš. “We have split positions so that each player is able to give two three goals,” says Gaul. “If we fail to move forward, which is our goal, we want to leave with at least one hundred percent.”

And ideally, go to performances beyond your capabilities. Then the Czechs could experience the handball fairy tale as their colleague at the end of the year in Germany.

Řezníček’s return to Brno is not yet done. Kryštůfek is a strong one

You can burn with them, they do not have to sit down, but the assumption is smaller than for others I have never seen, “explained Pivarník why he reached for the 25-year-old Becky from Vysočina.

Kryštůfek is coming to change Brno signed a two-and-a-half contract

We need continuity, “said Pivarník. In addition, just from Jihlava, which is in the league with ten points last and in the spring will be one of Brno’s main opponents in the fight for retention, the host was the least.

He bet on the bull despite the defensive game Zbrojovka end of autumn satisfied. “We got six goals in seven rounds, out of which three in Pilsen. That was not the problem.The problem was that we did not have alternation in the defense. We are dealing with posts that we did not have a decent job, “the coach explained.

Specifically, Krystufek comes to the center of the defensive line where he will be direct competitors of Pavlik and Kijanskas. Above all, there is an interesting development with the Lithuanian stopper: as in Kryštůfek in Jihlava and in Brno, the contract ends in summer. The cheerleader of Brno fans, who have long attributed to him a weak start and a defensive play in defense, can easily get to the bench.

Even more quickly than it was, it seems that a question mark was solved in the attack. There Zbrojovka stood for his former player Řezníček, who left Brno to Pilsen.According to Pivarník, Řezníček also had an interest in returning, but more is expected to become a part of the trade between Plzeň and Olomouc. That’s where Viktoria’s stronger Chromy and Řezníček can give as a counter.

“We have no such thing in our hands. He wanted to go here, but we can not see Plzeň and Olomouc. Moreover, it is a question of extra salaries of players from strong clubs, “he said.

The attack and instead experienced matador got almost absolute novice Russia from hosting in Znojmo.The eighteen-year-old youth representative gave four goals in the second league in the second league, and considers it an honor that the Zbrojovka pulls him down – even though he is only in preparation.

The fact that the relatively skewed Znojmo goes through the competition but he does not have the worst fear of staying in the first league.

“I did not think of it that way. I rather see that Zbrojovka made progress under the coach of the Pivarník, she picked up quite a few points and in the spring it will be better with her, “he said. “At the start of the season, I was surprised at how the guys guided they were the last. But I liked their last performance. It made sense, “he added.

During the first three weeks, Zbrojovka will work the most in fitness, players should enter the preparatory matches for half-time.The first prize for Brno will be the start of the Tipsport League on Saturday with Pardubice. It is played from 1pm.

During the first two attempts you are just learning

Heavier, and after last year’s tangled vintage, which “crawled” in the mud, again with the DNA of the desert. Just like he used to be in Africa or in the early years of South American exile. “The race will be decided for the first week in Peru,” says 35-year-old Prokop.

He has a third start on this adventure, which navigator Josef Kalina – himself on 26th rally – try to race. During the first two attempts you are just learning. And Prokop agrees. He would knock in the desert, as a successful WRC rally champion, he was accustomed to asphalt, gravel, and gas. Now, in the head, they wear the different types of sand that the car behaves in them.

“I found myself in the sand, I have more confidence in it, I started to have fun, which is good.Previously, he was a scarecrow. ”

He is telling how to read sand according to color during training in the Emirates. At other times, the waves that helped shape the wind in the desert helped him. Otherwise, the sand behaves in the morning, otherwise sunburned. He tells how terrifying the sand field can be. “It’s like a swamp.” And from other dakarists, he heard horrifying stories that sand in Peru is a specific type that “can eat cars.” But maybe it’s just horrible, soothing.

In competition with factory Teams can not talk about stage targets like a compatriot in the truck category.On the other hand, passenger cars are much more respected and busier in Dakar. Often decides only seconds, the winners – like those from motorbikes – are celebrity professionals.

Prokop, after the last 11th place, dreams of elite ten. In the past, the car was trembling, but too often the navigational errors were being built up. By losing tens of minutes, plus hourly penalty for failure to pass one of the checks. So next to it is the Austrian navigator Ilke Minor, but again Jan Tománek, with whom he had the best time in the WRC, but also the repeated sprawl.

“We found out that it testifies to us together. But we also experienced worse moments, especially the first year in Dakar.Emotions dominate between us, but they do not belong to the car, it takes us energy. We must try to be partners. “Although Dakar has not been swept away for years on endless Sahara plains, sometimes the perfect navigation is the key to triumph. The performances of factory cars and the best personalities, including Prokop, are getting closer. And so they decide the details, for example, that the wealthy stables are paying the so-called “maps guys.” Which are the people who are preparing the navigation at a distance. They are looking for abbreviations, they reveal the tricks that have been prepared by the organizer.

“They are sitting in Prague, you send him a sworn roadbook (navigational notes) and he writes overnight to 35.kilometer turn at an angle of 140 degrees and connect to 42 km. The route is not clearly outlined, and although such shortcuts reveal one two per race, it does a lot of minutes, “Prokop describes Dakar details.

“At the same time, experts are trying to solve navigation guides, so the factory teams are going straight and fast. I can not afford such comfort. That’s not exactly a level playing field, but that’s always the case. ”

So he wants to beat the richest…