Dukla – Jablonec 0: 1, after the failure of the lights gave the only goal Lischka

Jablonec jumped to sixth place after the second spring victory, Dukla is in the incomplete table of the tenth.

“I am happy with the performance of the players, especially with active play forwards. I did not want to highlight anyone, they all did a very good performance, “Jablonec Petr Radka told the press conference.

The match started with a delay of twelve minutes because one of four light masts did not work. After his throwing began to play, but within a quarter of an hour, even two masts faded. Chief Referee Zelinka sent the players of the two teams to the cabins in the 16th minute. After a half-hour pause, the stadium turned on again and continued in the game.

“On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we checked the technical background of the entire stadium including the lights. Everything was alright.Unfortunately, shortly before the excavation, it was discovered that there were problems with one of the light masts. Unfortunately, unfortunately, we are not able to tell exactly what causes it. It may be about the extremely cold weather, “said Dukly Šárka Drobná, spokesperson of the press.

A handful of frozen spectators staying at the stadium saw the first big chance in the 30th minute. Domestic bek With a direct kick, the ball bounced the ball across the wall and Hrubý’s goalkeeper saved the stick.On the other hand, Jovovic’s shot from the corner of sixteen was well hit by goaltender Dukly Rada.

“We were making pressure right from the beginning of the match, but that pause has made us more than our opponents,” admitted coach Dukla Jaroslav Hynek. “Sitting again for ten or fifteen minutes in the cabin is not a good thing, especially from a health point of view in terms of injuries,” the Council added.

The second half entered Jablonec more actively and after a few words they could in the 60th minute open score. Lawn was found to defend Chramosta, who, though he dropped Radu, but walked a short distance away and did not even reach the stop.

Four minutes later, the guests were waiting.The lawn was found from the corner of Lischka and Jablonecký was the first to be the first goal of the league.

The Jablonec after the inaccurate shot of Holenda did not let Dukla into the final pressure and in the highest competition they won for Julisce for the first time since October 2011. The Pragueers lost at home the second league game behind us without the goal scored.

“We were then very inaccurate and at the end of the match we had a complete chaos on the pitch. In the autumn, we were able to do something in the end with such matches now, as if we were crazy about it, “Hynek said.

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