Even Hasek would not have liked us, the Russians are celebrating victory over the Czech Republic

According to Kommersant, it could be expected that the Russians will attack and the Czechs will wait for their chances at their goal. But according to this tradition, it was only until the Czechs had settled in the Russian defensive third.

“These were nervous minutes. Minutes when Russian goalkeeper Vasilij Koshekkin was more busy than Pavel Francouz and the congregation did not look like a 100% favorite with whom he was treated with deep respect, “wrote the commentator. But everything changed with Kirilla Kaprizova’s” the shark slipped between the defenders “and made the Bohemians” forget about the previous ingenuity “.

But the Czech team stayed and the French faced the onslaught.Already before the match, the Czech goalkeeper of the frontman of the Trabucus bowed, although “of course, he does not match the great Dominik Hašek, who led the Czech team to gold in Nagano.”

Nevertheless, the French did not fail – until the middle of the second a third when the Russian captain Pavel Dacjuk sent a “genial pass” to Nikita Guseva, the Frenchman did not manage to move and the puck ended in the corner of the goal. The attempt of Čechů to challenge the goal failed and so they decided to answer the goal goal. Instead of waiting for a nervous ending, in which the Czech team could make a lot of problems, “a ugly, seamless future arose before the Russians,” commented Kommersant.There was no grudge with the rest of the match and the Czech representation was “terrible in her anger” and “furiously attacked”.

But all the efforts were wrecked on Košečkin, who did not fail even at the end when the Czechs had to completely abandon their favorite “trench” tactics. The conglomerate has stood by the sheet: it may have played without a gloss, but it was not necessary and the bugs were corrected by Košečkin before Ilja Kovalčuk shot into the empty goal and closed the account for 3: 0. For a convincing victory praises the Russian hockey player and Sovetsky sport, although he admits that in the first third the initial onslaught, which was typical for the Russian team in previous matches, was eliminated.Both teams have been vigilant and this style of play seemed more compliant to the rivals than the Russians. But their success in Korea did not repeat the successful Czech tactics of the 1998 Olympics or the 2010 World Cup finals, “the modest Czechs scored first, the lead and the gold medals,” remarked the commentator and added “Fortunately for the Russians, it did not come out in Korea.”

“We have won this semi-final not by character or by championship, but we have overtaken our opponents tactically,” says Sovietski sports tribute to coach Oleg Znarok.

“Sborna fulfilled the task of moving to the finals famously,” Sport-Express who has a Russian team at the Olympics of a single opponent: himself.When it comes to the initial match with Slovakia, which now looks like a “global misunderstanding”, the Russians play so hard that something can be said about them.

The current Czech team, on the contrary, according to the commentator, looked like the most advantageous opponent, superstition. It was enough for the Russians to stretch out the apple from the Bohemian tree to just stretch out a hand, just shake the fruit to fall. Although the reality hard hit the Czech ambitions, the level of the rivals is not a Russian problem, wrote the author.

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