First steps with betting at Sport Pesa

sport pesa registration

SportPesa is a very popular Kenyan betting platform. It was launched in 2014 and now is become the most famous betting service in Africa.SportPesaoffers sports betting, both African football as well as European. For now, football is the only sport discipline, which is available on the SportPesa, but the management of the company is going to increase in the future the offer is to be expanded.

First of all, register your account

A lot of people would like to try their hand at betting online, but they do not know how they should start it. At the beginning check out all possibilities of different platform and choose one of them, which is the most attractive to you, e.g. SportPesa. Then register your private account, verify your personal data and confirm everything. After a few minutes you will be able to start the game.

Why SportPesa is good for amateurs?

At Sport Pesa you will find only football games, so you do not wonder, which sport dyscypline you should choose. What is more SportPesa offer a lot off special discounts for new users. In this way at the beginning, you do not have to invest your money to get the first win. Moreover you will find here the exact instructions of the rules of the game, rules of betting online, and many useful, different tips. Thanks to Sport Pesa you will quickly understand how to play to win the largest payouts.

How I can place a bet online in SportPesa?

SportPesa is very flexible and modern service. If you want to bet with Sport Pesa you can use official website or an app for mobile devices. Regardless of which device you are using, just log in to your account and bet all matches.

Earn money with Sport Pesa

As soon as you win a bet,money will be paid on your individual account at Sport Pesa. Always you can decide whether you want to keep playing or you want to stop playing and take all earned money.

Then you can transfer money into your bank account. Sport Pesa will not charge any additional fees for this operation.

How look Sport Pesa in compare to different betting service?

SportPesa offers similar opportunities as all the other betting platform. Ican confidently say that it is a new service, which is still growing and developing. Definitely both the potential winnings and the amount of the offered kinds of sport will be continually increased. It is worth to take the risk with Sport Pesa.

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