Frk signed up for the championship. Who else from the NHL can go to Denmark?

Detroit still officially ended season, he had before him the last game regular season, but Martin Frk did not hesitate, in an interview with American journalists admit that talking to George Fischer, that the national team will assume the role of manager after Milan Hnilička.

“I told him I’d love to play hockey all the time. And I’m tempted to go to the championship, “Frk said.

Does he have a chance to push himself? The truth is that the coach Josef Jandač will not have so many players this year, so nothing is ruled out. After all, Frk himself said: “Fischer told me that he would like me to show myself in the preparatory matches that the Czech Republic is waiting for now. So we’ll see, time is not too much.I’m sure I want to go, the peasant is always a lure. ”

Frk has entered the fourth formation after his promising entry into the Detroit season, his time spent on the ice fell about an average of eight minutes. Still, he retained the first team and played 68 games in which he picked up 25 points (11 + 14).

Just because I did not play so much, I would like to extend the season. No hockey player wants to have a season at the beginning of April. ”

However, no other Czech NHL players may be aware of this. Some may end the contract, others may have injuries, others will not want to take the risk. The greatest possible boost would be Vladimir Sobotka , and his partner from St.Louis

b> from Calgary or Radka Faksy from Dallas. The defensive, which is always the biggest difficulty, could reinforce Jan Rutta, who has had an excellent debut in Chicago or his club colleague David Kämpf . p> And Jandač et al. they indicated that they would also like to try a pair of young Philippe – Guy and Chytil . Both Ottawa, respectively. New York Rangers sent to the farm.

After the battles between Boston and Toronto, there will be either David Krejčí and David Pastrňák Roman Polák and Tomáš Plekanec .But the experienced defender will not want to take the risk of a severe injury from last year, which almost ended his career, the second one has already indicated that his career has ended.

The series Washington – Columbus will present four Czechs. The first team is Michal Kempny and Jakub Jeřábek , but both ends the contract and forvard Jakub Vrána . On the other hand stands Lukáš Sedlák .

Traditionally, Philadelphia has a large representation, where Jakub Voráček, Radko Gudas and Petr Mrázek < b> s Michael Neuvirthem .If the Pittsburgh favored, the talented Dominic Simon will fail.

A heavy test awaits the premiere play off Las Vegas, and if it fails, Nosek and Hyka . And to show in a showdown for the first time would be Ondřej Kaše from Anaheim, who will play against San Jose. It is Tomáš Hertl , in which it is difficult to judge whether he will want to risk injuries to the problematic knee after the season.

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