From the Children’s Olympics to the real one. Combiners: Somewhere to get started

Among his peers he triumphed in Innsbruck 2012. “Previously, the children’s Olympics in the Czech Republic. Then the junior world championship. And now this, “21-year-old Portyk looks over the international zone of the Olympic village in South Korea. “Sure, baby of the youth is one tenth out of here. But one has to start somewhere. ”

He is now in lauf, the fourth in the World Cup in Japan. While some aces were missing, Portyk still managed to keep up the best.

Vida: Last time, the relatively queer Nordic combination at once hits talent. Besides Portyka, 19-year-old Ondřej Pažout was sitting for the new junior world champion to change.

“It was a bit hectic, but I was home to my family.I got everything I needed, “he says; since the triumph in Switzerland has not passed for two weeks and is already in Asia. “It’s a pretty nice change. I hope I can handle the acclimatization. ”

And these two are an example of how to get through the sporty fan of the planet through the tournament for enthusiastic teenagers. “This is the next step. And the biggest one, “said Portyk, who had already begun his start in Sochi. In Pchjongch’ang, he plans more than “trial” participation.

And because he’s pushing younger partners.

“Yeah, healthy competition is needed,” he nods. “If you do not have a person to train with, you do not like it. Doing everything is boring, with others you support, you are more happy. We pull one rope.It will give you the most in the years to come. ”

The unionists were only looking for the first training, so Portyk does not want to evaluate the form. “In Japan, I did a nice result, I was a bit mildly relaxed,” he says. “We’ll see how it will go now.”

Pazout, who might otherwise have read the textbooks, will also take the combination of jumping and cross-country skiing – at the end of the season he is going to graduate. “I was not very much at school. I hope that teachers will be willing to help me get some stamps in order to be able to mature in the spring and not until the autumn, “he relies on welcoming.

On the skis he is looking for a” maturita “sport; the way Portyk has lived recently.A fast flight between adults implies the need to prepare for the junior champions to ride at the fifth or sixth. “It’s a hard step, but it’s going to go on gradually. Then the results arrive, “counsels his colleague.

The porthook has stretched through a pitfalls like a motivational tattoo, with Rocky Balboa’s film hero on his shoulder. Will this be a model? “Well, I’d like a candy,” laughs Pazout on a partner.

How would they not even smile. After all, the former Olympic Gamesmakers are real Olympians.

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