Goalie Fryšták as an unexpected league star. Are I really the best? did not believe

“Am I really the best? You surprised me, “Fryšták said as he found out. “I do not watch the power of statistics, the most important thing is still to be happy both the coach and the whole team.”

Know that you are happy.

Thanks to the performance of Tomas Frystak are Bohemians seventh in the league table and are attacking the best place since 2011, when the coach Pavel Hoftych was in sixth place.

And the unexpected star Fryšták?

Like Sunday against Pilsen, from which he received two goals but Bohemians won 5: 2 clearly.

“Of course, bugs can be found on every match.Those two goals that have been collected can be broken…No, yesterday it was an extraordinary match. We had respect from Pilsen, but we knew they were not doing too well now. We thought we could use it, “Fryšták said.

Just like the entire Bohemians team, one of the biggest surprises in the current year, it has a great season – the best in life. At the age of thirty, for the first time in his career he became a full-fledged league leader.

“It was creepy, but I still believed it would turn around once,” he admits. Only in the Bohemians gradually covered the back of Zdeněk Zlámal, Viktor Budinsky and Martin Berkovec.

“Now I am in the gate and I hope to stay in it as long as possible.”Fryšták has passed the youth representation, he has even a silver medal from the World Championship in 20 years in 2007.

But at the club level, he did not worry. He passed through Slovácko, Čáslav, Tábor or České Budějovice. As a free player in the summer of 2015 he went to the camp of the Czech Association of Football Players (ČAFH).

“I took it as an opportunity. I had the ideal conditions to complete the summer preparation, and because we were going through the tournament on and on and eventually winning it, we all helped us all.My expectations were fulfilled, “Fryšták said.

And then you know the story…

After two years of retirement, Fryšták is one of the winners of the season so successful. “I believe we can move with Bohemia, but we have to improve the results on the rivals’ courts. If we could manage the games, maybe we’re even better on the table, “feels Fryšták.

The ideal eleven of the football league after 23.round according to iDNES.cz and MF DNES:





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