I acted like an angry boy, Brother Ledeck

“The comment really did not have to be so bad. For me it was in fervor, in anger. I was acting like a normal angry boy. I could have been more decent, but at least someone else noticed it, “he says in an interview for the Weekend magazine DNES, which runs on Saturday, February 24 – the day his sister will strive for another Olympic success, this time in snowboarding. p>

The cartoonist and musician has responded to the situation created by the race between the super-female slalom of women and the ice-hockey match between the Czech Republic and Canada.

The television is limited by the strict conditions of the purchased rights, hockey has been chosen for live broadcasting, Ester Ledecká’s driving has just left a break from the record.

Her brother was pissed off.On Facebook, for example, he wrote: “For not giving it on TV, you should crucify yourself, you bitch!”

After a few days, he was given the opportunity to defend his attitude in the weekend interview. And he spoke already calmly, without disturbing emotions.

“There was more to it. Maybe CT did not broadcast any World Cup competition in snowboarding, where Esterka is the best. And not letting her Olympic ride, a terrible blow under my belt. They did not realize she had rewritten history. That she got into history when she tapped her wands. It’s not even about winning. He participates in two sports. They have noticed this everywhere in the world.But not in CT. ”

Some fans of the Ledeck’s word responded with understanding, others were rejecting the stark statement. Robert Záruba, the head of the Czech Television Olympic Broadcasting, explained that if the team had a little bit of a similar result, then the hockey game would definitely run off the hill.

“I understand that the television did not have the chance to broadcast everything but could at least declare: A historical event has come to an end, we apologize to our fans and congratulate Ester, “he says. “Then everything would be all right. Instead, they did as if nothing had happened. ”

The Saturday interview also deals with other themes. Ledecký describes where his sister’s exceptionalness took place, in what was the specific education of their parents.But maybe even how it would look like a comic that could come from Ester.

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