Self-confidence, better team climate. Players understand me more, Stramaccioni says

When he started his engagement in Sparta last June, everything was wrong. For nothing, the results and performance in the preparation, followed by the elimination from the European League and the festive performances in home competitions accompanied by protests of the fans.

“The beginnings were not easy for one side. I came with a certain vision and philosophy but the players were used to something else, “says Stramaccioni in a club television interview.

” Now I feel that the team has a different atmosphere than in the autumn. I think the atmosphere of training, the cabin, and how we work together to achieve our goals. It’s also the way we know each other.The players understand better what they want and that is very important. ”

Stramaccioni admits that last year, due to the many arrivals of foreign players, the climate in the team was not ideal. “We had a problem. I would say that four, five, six foreign players were pushed away, separated, “he said.

” Our core is Czech and I think we should keep it. But at the same time, we create small communities here. I experienced it in Inter Milan, where we had Brazilian, Argentinian or Balkan players. And the newcomers helped in their adaptation to the team. ”

There is one African group in Sparta: Mavuba, Kanga, Costa. “You understand each other,” the coach said. Other Romanian: Vatajelu, Stanciu, Nita.Then the Balkans: Plavšič, Čivič, Ristič.

“New players have come to eliminate our shortcomings and improve quality. It comes to a different environment than those in the summer and fits faster. I think it will show up in the field. ”

This was already visible in the preparation games, after five wins, the team succumbed to Spartak Moscow (1: 2), but the performance was hopeful.

“We had good access to the games. I see that self-confidence is growing. And I do not think so much about the results, but what kind of game we were playing.This is the most important thing for me, “stressed Stramaccioni.

For the Italian coach it was the first winter preparation in life. “We did not have such a break in Italy in the winter,” he said.

“Now the Czech part of the implementation team has helped me. I have been alerted to possible problems. And especially I had to hand Zdeněk Ščasný and Tomáš Rosický. I listened to them, perceived their experience. For me it was a huge advantage over the past year. ”

Away are players whose sports management was not satisfied with the autumn or with which no future was expected. On the contrary, four reinforcements arrived, of which Stanciu, Kanga and Nita will be in the base line. Renowned Ben Chaim.

It is a surprise who Stramaccioni will put at the beginning of the season as the left defender.It will not be Michal Kadlec, who played most of the autumn. Not even Costa, who played for three years. Not even the young Civic.

“Martin Frydek,” said Stramaccioni, explaining the election. “Kadlec returns after the achilles surgery, with Costa counting more on the stopper and Civic is hope for the future. After a meeting with the management, we decided to find another solution. And when we have other players in the middle of the pitch, we chose Frydek. In that we have also agreed with Zdeněk Ščasný. ”

On the right, Zahustel will be again in the form of excellent preparation. “You can see what I want from the extreme defenders. We think a lot of attack, being as offensive as possible. We want players to go to lime. Zahustel does it perfectly.He accurately understands what I want him to do, gives goals, supports the attack. Frýdek did a good job in the preparatory games. “After leaving Dúbravka to Newcastle, Florin Nita seems to be the goal keeper, even if the team arrived at the beginning of February. “We had selected Nitu, it was the first choice for us. It was important that he wanted to cross Sparta, “Stramaccioni said.

” We were looking for a typologically similar goalie. In order to be excellent among the sticks and in the legs, he has had experience both from abroad and from the big club. Florin was in Steaue Bucharest, caught the cups, was pressured, “calculated Stramaccioni.

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